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An herbal remedy that safely and effectively helps ease occasional stomach discomfort and gas associated with colic, fussiness and hiccups, while promoting peaceful sleep.* Our Organic Nighttime Gripe Water works to ease your baby’s tummy troubles so both of you can get some much needed sleep.


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Filtered Water, Organic Ginger Root Extract, Organic Fennel Seed Extract, Organic Chamomile Flower Extract, Organic Lemon Balm Leaf Extract, Organic Passion Flower Flowering Top Extract, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Lemon Juice (fruit) Concentrate (for flavor), Organic Glycerin, Organic Lemon Juice (fruit) Powder (for flavor) and Sodium Bicarbonate

Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Dyes, Parabens, Alcohol, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, and Preservatives

Shake well before each use. Use at bedtime. Organic Nighttime Gripe Water may be taken directly using the dispenser provided up to 3 times in a 24-hour period. Wash and dry dispenser thoroughly after each use.

Refrigerate After Opening

We are proud to say our product requires refrigeration after opening because it is free from preservatives — just the way nature designed and the way it should be for your little one!

Discard 4 weeks after opening.

Suggested Use:

Babies 1-6 months: 1 tsp. (5 ml)

Children 6 months and older: 2 tsp. (10 ml)

Is Organic Nighttime Gripe Water safe for my baby?

Absolutely. Organic Nighttime Gripe Water is completely safe. Our products are made in certified facilities using organic ingredients whenever possible. Gripe Water is an age old herbal formula that’s been around for hundreds of years.

How quickly does Organic Nighttime Gripe Water work?

Our Organic Nighttime Gripe Water can start working immediately, but could take up to 20 minutes to kick in. It varies from fussy baby to fussy baby.

Is Organic Nighttime Gripe Water FDA approved?

Since Organic Nighttime Gripe Water falls under the category of dietary supplements, it doesn’t require FDA approval. But we are always compliant with every FDA regulation in our category. Your baby’s safety is our top priority!

How do I give it to my baby, and how often should I give it to them?

Before using Organic Nighttime Gripe Water, give the bottle a good shake. Fill the syringe provided with the recommended dose and then slowly administer toward your baby’s inner cheek. Organic Nighttime Gripe Water can also be mixed in a bottle with breast milk or formula.

Be sure to refrigerate your bottle after opening and wash and dry the syringe thoroughly after each use.

Organic Nighttime Gripe Water is specially formulated to help promote a peaceful night's sleep. so we recommend administering before bedtime.* For fussy and colicky babies, go ahead and use it up to 3 times in a 24-hour period as needed. 

What is “sodium bicarbonate” and is it safe for my baby?

Sodium bicarbonate is an ingredient that is well known to help reduce stomach acid, and it’s completely safe for your baby.* We use a small amount in our herbal blend to help your baby’s tummy feel better, and to balance and maintain the pH of our product.* Sodium bicarbonate is on the GRAS list of ingredients, also know as ingredients that are generally recognized as safe by the FDA, and the amount we use is far below the recommended daily allowance for infants. 

Does Organic Nighttime Gripe Water need to be refrigerated?

Yes. We are proud to say our product requires refrigeration because it is free from preservatives — Just the way nature designed and the way it should be for your little one! Consider it similar to juice or milk that need to stay refrigerated to ensure they don’t spoil. We think it’s worth it to keep your little ones away from unnecessary ingredients.

Should I throw away my bottle if I opened it and forgot to put it in the refrigerator?

If your Organic Nighttime Gripe Water has been left unrefrigerated for more than a couple of hours, or left in high heat, then we highly recommend you toss it. Think of Organic Nighttime Gripe Water like milk or juice: if you left it out for the same amount of time, would you toss it? If the answer is yes, then the same applies to your Organic Gripe Water.

How long can I keep my bottle of Organic Gripe Water?

Check the date on the bottle to know how long to keep an unopened bottle. An opened bottle should be used or discarded within 4 weeks. 

Help! I think there’s mold in my Organic Gripe Water!

Mold?! Ugh, now that’s something to gripe about. No one wants mold in their Organic Gripe Water. But just like your favorite organic strawberries or piece of bread, it is possible to find mold because our products are made without the use of preservatives. Preservatives are used to make products last longer but we aren’t convinced that’s a good thing. Without chemicals, nature can take over, which is a possibility we at Wellements are willing to face, after all, nature is our business.

We value your trust and stand behind the safety of our products 100%. If you experience an issue, please contact us at 1-800-255-2690 and we’ll work with you to fix it. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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