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Simply in love!

Wanted to drop you all a line to let you know how amazing your products are! Life changing I would say! You all have created fantastic products that I feel good about giving our daughter and truly work! Thank you Wellements!!

Nicole & Baby Olivia

Better than I expected

Wellements Wellements!! I needed to send a HUGE thank you. Companies these days are always getting negative energy sent and I need to spread positive vibes where necessary. I have always been skeptical about everything that is out there for babies. It’s incredibly overwhelming to say the least. I am a forever loving customer and appreciate all the love you put into all the other families out here.


Great Great Great

Your products work and I wholeheartedly believe in them!


Nothing else will do for me now!

Hi there! I just wanted to drop a line to say how wonderful I think your products are. While preparing for a bundle of joy, I took particular interest in what is in products for little ones. I was appalled at what I found! Even the "natural" brands had junk and chemicals in them that I never would give to a baby! I was EXTREMELY frustrated, until I found your products!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such fabulous products with real, quality ingredients! I now am buying your products as shower gifts so other moms can learn about the products.


Organic is the way to go!

I have finally found my go-to miracle products! Thank you Wellements for making your line of organic products so moms can feel great about what they use on their kiddos!


Sleep Saver!

Hi! I just wanted to give you all so much praise! My daughter has been coughing for a week and her doctor kept saying there was nothing we could because she was only 8 months old. Well then I found you all from an Instagram account! Ran to Target and gave the cough syrup to my daughter right away. Not only was her cough SO much more under control during the day but after giving her the night time syrup she finally slept longer than she had in a week. She barely coughed last night and I am in awe! Thank you SO much for your product! I am already telling all my friends about how amazing you all are!

One Happy Mom!

Great taste :)

Hi there,

My three year old son is Autistic and as a result is an extremely picky eater. He will eat no meat at all, which leaves him vulnerable to low iron. We were advised by his pediatrician to put him on an iron supplement . As a result, we have searched high and low for an appropriate iron supplement for him. It has proven difficult as he is very texture/taste sensitive. I stumbled across your website the other day and saw your liquid iron supplement. I figured I would give it a go (honestly I thought it would end up being a no go like others).

Fast forward to this afternoon...I received my package (brownie points for the amazing shipping!) and figured I would attempt to give him a dose mixed with fruit juice. I am thrilled to report that he happily drank his juice!!

I know it sounds silly - but thank you so much for making such a great product. I will certainly be sharing your website with my fellow special needs moms!


Thank you for making organic products I can trust!


I was gifted a bottle of your baby tooth oil, sadly it expired before I could I ever use it. My little girl is almost a year old with no sign of teeth yet. While reading more about your company, I bought a bottle of your Constipation Support as she tends to have trouble with BMs now that she is eating more solid food. Within a day, it worked to bring on another BM. I have used it a few times and am amazed at how quick it works. I am thankful I found something that is organic and works almost instantly.

I was using another brand of cough syrup before I discovered you make one. I will be adding that to our line up in case she develops another cough. I am looking forward to trying your multivitamin and probiotic drops once her doctor confirms we can add those to her routine.

Thank you for making organic products I can trust!