Your New Dad Survival Kit

Your New Dad Survival Kit

As a first-time father, you might have spent a lot of time wondering how your life might change in the coming months or years. And even if you have friends with children, you’ve probably still wondered if what applied to them will also work for you. After all, every family is a little different, and that unique relationship between dad and baby is always a special one.

You don’t have to guess though! At Wellements, we’re committed to bringing you healthy, positive advice about being a parent. And because you also want to be the very best dad you can possibly be, we’ve put together this new dad survival kit just for dad. As a quick-reference, it’s your go-to for dad and baby, so save it in your bookmarks and get ready to be a dad! 

Connecting with your family starts on Day #1

Your family is growing! And strengthening those bonds starts from the very beginning. Every moment is another opportunity to create a lasting, positive impression on your child.  

Daddy survival tip: Skin-to-skin between dad and baby is essential for connecting and a growing trend. But also think about how you can start developing family rituals, like special weekend activities, right from the start. 

Your trip to the hospital might be a whirlwind

Although some parents will choose a home-birth, many still go the route of having their baby at the hospital. And only you know what’s right for you! If you have your baby away from home, keep in mind that you may be there for a few days, and it may be a non-stop whirlwind of activity. 

Daddy survival tip: We always hear about packing a bag for mom but consider one for dad’s essentials too. 

Emotional burnout is real

On that note, keep in mind that becoming a first-time dad comes with a ton of emotions, especially those first few days. You don’t want to leave dad out from the emotional conversation.

Daddy survival tip: Join a new dad support group. This way, you can connect with other first-time dads and parents who can offer support. 

Accidents will happen

As a first-time dad, you’ll want to keep your child as safe as you can. After all, they rely on you! Still, there will be minor accidents, and it’s important to stay level-headed, assess the situation, and make a decision about whether medical attention is warranted.

Daddy survival tip:Perform a household audit prior to the baby’s due date to provide a high-level of safety for your child.

Crying is normal and even healthy

Your baby’s main way of communicating with you in the beginning is by crying. And it’s perfectly natural for your baby to cry throughout the day.

Daddy survival tip: Learn the differences between your baby’s cries to determine what they might want or need.

A good pediatrician is a big resource

For professional medical advice about a whole host of subjects, your pediatrician is going to be a huge source. You want one who you’re comfortable with and feel you can trust 100%. 

Daddy survival tip: Visit several offices and don’t be afraid to ask questions to better get to know your pediatrician.

You’ll sometimes go several days without sleep

You might have heard from other parents just how little sleep you may get in the first days of being a father. It’s best to be prepared for this ahead of time and to work with your partner to ensure you both get the rest you need.

Daddy survival tip: Learn the true power of the power nap, and make sure to communicate your energy levels to your partner.

There’s no one right way to do things

Being a first-time dad isn’t like taking a test in school; the right decision isn’t always clear. So, while there is general advice, what works for your friends or family, might not work for you. And that’s okay! 

Daddy survival tip: We recommend seeking out suggestions from a range of people you trust. But always keep it in context and understand that your situation and lifestyle may have different factors.

At Wellements, we want to congratulate you on being a first-time father – wow, what an exciting time this is! And when you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll have a regular resource for advice, tips, and more. So we definitely think you should do it…