The Importance of Mom Friends

The Importance of Mom Friends

If you’re like me, maybe you had a really rough transition into motherhood. I felt lonely, isolated, misunderstood. I didn’t have the information or support system I needed. I had times where I felt very anxious. I was sleep deprived. I went through an identity crisis. I hated feeling this way. 

I found a way to turn my passion into purpose with Hello My Tribe, an online community that connects new and seasoned moms to support one another and take the loneliness/isolation out of motherhood because I do not want other women to feel the way that I did!

Self-care tips for moms

When I was a few months postpartum, I learned about postpartum self-care tips. I’ve shared the full list below, but the first two — joining a mother’s group and staying connected to friends — really stand out to me. I cannot emphasize the importance of having a community and friends enough. Girlfriends are so important for us! 

Whenever your mental health feels off, remember these self-care tips help: 

  1. Join a mother’s group! 
  2. Stay connected to friends
  3. Have quality time for yourself
  4. Spend time outdoors
  5. Have an exercise routine
  6. Eat healthy 
  7. Get sleep

How to make friends online and IRL

One of the biggest pain points I hear from women today is that they’re lonely. Their follow-up question to that is: I don’t know how to make new mom friends or new friends in general. Here’s my advice: It’s a little like dating. It’s a little uncomfortable, but I cannot emphasize how important these friendships are. 

You need a support system for what you’re going through right now, especially as a new mom. And thank god things are digital and virtual right now! There are so many options to connect with other like-minded women and find that support and feeling of validated, heard and seen. It’s so possible. 

Here’s a guide to virtually connecting with moms:

  1. Sign up for a virtual nursing support group, postpartum support group, or parenting group
  2. Try,,,, and to start your search
  3. Join your neighborhood listserv to see if there are any new moms who want to connect digitally!
  4. Find a community on Instagram! @hellomytribe, @motherhoodunderstood, @motherhonestly, @blackmomsbreastfeed are all 👌
  5. Try these apps: Hello My Tribe, Meetup, Next Door, Bumble BFF… start connecting! 

Where to meet other moms in-person (when the time comes):

  1. Sign up for a nursing support group, postpartum support group, mommy & me classes, parenting groups
  2. Search community calendars and attend local meet ups
  3. Visit your local library and bookstore for free programming
  4. Get involved with your daycare/preschool community
  5. See if your work has a group for parents (or start one!)
  6. Ask on your neighborhood listserv if there are moms nearby who want to walk the neighborhood
  7. Google new mom/parent groups in your city

When it comes to making mom friends, there’s no easy fix: We have to make the effort and get out of our comfort zones. But I promise the benefits majorly outweigh the work! The friendships are completely worth it and connecting mentally and emotionally with others helps us feel less alone.

- Alex Winkleman, founder of Hello My Tribe