Summer Cold Hacks for Littles

Summer Cold Hacks for Littles

As parents, we’d like to think that cold season ends for our little ones (and us) as soon as spring arrives. Unfortunately, between daycare, public parks and playgrounds, summer colds are definitely a thing. If one hasn’t hit your house yet, I’m jealous. And if one has, I definitely feel your pain. It’s inspired me to put together all the small hacks I’ve learned into one quick post so you can bookmark it for if and when you need it.

Just a quick reminder that I’m not a medical professional, just sharing what I’ve seen work based on my experiences, mmm k?

 Raw Honey

 If you’re just noticing symptoms of a summer cold, try giving your child raw honey* before going straight to meds. It can soothe sore throats and help get rid of a cold before it really takes hold thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Simply give them two teaspoons twice a day. Be sure to go for a local, raw variety to avoid anything processed.

 Wellements also offers an Organic Children’s Cough & Mucus Syrup that contains honey and immune boosting elderberry. The nighttime version is a favorite staple and since it is also preservative free and bottled in glass I feel like it is a real mom win!

 *Don’t give honey to littles under 12 months.

 Homemade Saline Spray

 When congestion takes hold of your little one, opt for a homemade saline spray. You can even let them help you make it if they’re up to it. All you need is:

  • 1 tsp sea salt (Be sure to use sea salt, not table salt. Table salt contains additives that can irritate their nose.)
  • 1 cup warm water
  • A pinch of baking soda
  • Saline spray bottle

 Add everything to the saline spray bottle and shake to mix it up. Gently spray in their noses and let it go to work. Repeat once or twice a day as needed.

 Up their Vitamin C

 Vitamin C can help prevent and treat the common summer cold, so don’t stop giving it to your kids once their cold is gone. You can make sure to incorporate vitamin C through foods like citrus fruits, cantaloupe, broccoli and cauliflower, or have them take a daily supplement.


 If you don’t have a humidifier running in your kids’ room, get one in there ASAP. It will help break down any congestion and clear out a stuffed up nose.

 Track medication dosage

 If you decide to use medication to kick the cold or if your child gets a fever, make sure to track the date and time in which you give it to them. Skip relying on your memory and grab a piece of paper to tape on the bottle/box. Every time you administer, write the day and time down on the paper so there won’t be any questions about when to do it next.

Keep them hydrated

 If you’re worried about keeping your child hydrated through their cold but they don’t seem interested in water, trick them into thinking it's juice. Pour a glass of water and add just enough orange juice to change the color. Tell them they can drink all the juice they’d like and they’ll have several glasses drank before you know it. You could also use this trick to mix in honey if you’re using it to treat their cold.


What other summer cold hacks are out there? I’d love to hear whatever has worked for you!