How to Get My Toddler to…

How to Get My Toddler to…

If you haven’t heard it yet today… your toddler is absolutely amazing. Think about it: in just a couple of short years, they’ve learned to walk, talk, and most importantly, show you their love. It’s incredible how quickly they grow and develop. You might even have noticed how they’re developing their own opinions too!

But as they’ve gotten more mobile, they’ve also learned how to get into things. And of course, those opinions they’re developing come with the dreaded toddler tantrums. You even might have wondered how to discipline your 2-year-old or how you can be an even better parent to your toddler during this time.

Well, wonder no more, because we have a list of quick tips to tackle those toddler how to’s for you. Now, try to say that10 times fast!

…Go to sleep without fussing

Establishing a baby bedtime routine as soon as possible is one of the biggest ways to make nighttime easier. Not only does it make it something your child looks forward to, it can help you experience less fussing.

…Sleep in their own bed at night

On that note, maybe your toddler doesn’t have an issue going to sleep… as long as they’re in your bed. While co-sleeping might be right for some families, many try to have their child sleep in their own bed by their toddler years. So, how can you make it happen? Create positive associations with their new sleep space but be firm. They should know you’re close by if needed.

Eat the healthy meals I make

Every toddler is different and may take to different foods. So how can you get your toddler to eat the healthy stuff? Mixing their veggies into smoothies, muffins, and the like is an age-old trick to easing them into foods they might not like.

Share their toys with others

When you start young with sharing, you help set a standard. However, toddlers have to be reminded of the importance of sharing. By modeling sharing with them and others, you show them that you value it. You can also incorporate sharing into games that ease the competitive nature that might be an issue in sharing.

…Play with other kids at the park

Some parents worry that their toddler isn’t yet playing with other children. But wait! Parallel play, where children play near but not with kids around them, is perfectly normal. However, this is another time when modeling could work.

…Develop a love of reading

To establish their lifelong love of the written word…read to them! From bedtime reading to letting them choose their next book at the store, the little things matter. And while that smartphone might be fun, make time for dedicated reading that gets them excited.

…Not hit or bite others

Although not every toddler will hit or bite, many will. And because disciplining a 2-year-old can be a challenge, you might be wondering what to do. In most cases, children have triggers that prompt these behaviors and removing them from those triggers can give you a chance to explain healthier ways of dealing with difficulties.

…Clean up their toys after playtime

There are a number of ways to get your toddler to clean up after playtime. First, you can use make believe play to “say bye-bye” to the toys. You can also provide rewards after cleaning up and help them during the process.

…Use their potty

As your toddler potty-trains, you want to make them part of the process. This can range from letting them pick out their potty to celebrating the first time they use it. At the end of day, asking them to sit on their potty regularly can go a long way.

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