All About Breastfeeding

All About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a tricky and sensitive subject to discuss, however, I don’t think that should stop us moms from sharing our experiences. We’re all on our own journey, and from my perspective, sharing can only help other moms make decisions that will work best for their family. As someone with a platform and a passion for a variety of motherhood and children topics, I get asked about my breastfeeding experience all the time. So, to practice what I preach, I thought I’d do a little breastfeeding Q&A. Here are some of my most asked questions along with answers based on my personal experience. Again, gotta do you, mamas!


What did your breastfeeding journey look like?

I tried not to start out with a massive expectation for myself. I know lots of women who have had wonderful experiences breastfeeding, while others have struggled HARD through it. I had no idea which direction my journey would lead me in, so I just wanted to have an open mind.


When George was born, I told myself I’d do it for one month. That timeframe felt very approachable for me. When I got to the end of one month, I decided I would keep going to three months, then six months. It was around this point where I realized I loved breastfeeding and all my nerves and fears around it started to disappear. I had found my personal rhythm and what worked for George, which is the best advice I can offer to any mom.


How long did you breastfeed?

Like I mentioned above, it wasn’t until about six months in that I started to feel confident in my ability to breastfeed. After that, I swear I wanted to breastfeed for forever. I wrapped up at around the 15-month mark, though. I felt both George and me had reached a point where we were ready for the next step, so I stopped.


Did you find breastfeeding difficult to maintain?

This is so personal to each mom because everyone has different lives and schedules. To be truly honest, yes, I think breastfeeding can feel like a burden sometimes. Obviously! Especially in the beginning when you’re tired and all you want to do is sleep but you’re the only one who can feed your baby. Not to mention, you still don’t feel like your body is yours. But that being said, some women feel instantly at home with breastfeeding while others struggle with supply issues. There are so many variables that play into if breastfeeding is “difficult”. Try not to compare your experience to that of a friend (or even mine), just listen to your intuition and you’ll be fine. And above all, remember that you are no lesser of a mom if you can’t/don’t want to.


What are your go-to resources for information on breastfeeding?

If you’re a first-time mom and have no idea what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding, I recommend meeting a lactation consultant and even taking a class or watching a YouTube video. I also really love the book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding!


What advice would you give a new mom about breastfeeding?

Do what feels right for you. As long as your baby is fed and growing, that’s all that really matters. Don’t force yourself into a situation that isn’t right for you simply because the world has told you breastfeeding is the only way. Find your rhythm and stick to it.


At the end of the day, your breastfeeding journey is your own. Hearing stories and advice from other moms is valuable, but I have confidence you’ll figure it out. Trust your gut and do what’s best for your baby, that’s what matters most.