6 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

6 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

Only 9% of plastic on the earth is recycled. To help mama nature, you’ve reduced and refused single-use plastics, choosing more sustainable materials like glass instead. Now what? We’ve got a few fun ideas…

These projects keep kids creatively engaged and show them how to reuse better-for-the-earth materials like Wellements’ glass bottles. They’ll reinforce the importance of minimizing our plastic consumption so mama nature can thrive. 

Here’s how to create a… 

“Hey I Made This!” Lava Lamp

  1. Wash out your empty bottle of Wellements.
  2. Fill the bottle with 1-2 spoonfuls of baking soda.
  3. Fill 2/3 of the glass bottle with any type of kitchen oil. Do not try to mix the oil with the baking soda!
  4. In a separate bowl, mix some vinegar with 1-2 drops of food coloring.
  5. Use your Wellements syringe to add the vinegar slowly to the bottle and start watching your homemade lava lamp bubble. Be careful not to add the vinegar all at once so that you can make this fun experiment last. 
  6. Want to make it glow? Turn off all the lights, turn on your phone’s flashlight and set the bottle on top of your phone. We recommend only doing this if the top is on the bottle because….spills!

“Look-At-Me” Rewards Bottle

  1. Choose an item small enough to fit in a used Wellements bottle. We chose rocks because our kids enjoy hunting for them in the yard. 
  2. Create a box of prizes! Include things big and small (toys and snacks), both practical and fun (clothing and coloring books)! The kids love to be able to see what they can “earn.”
  3. When your kids do something nice for someone, help out around the house with an extra chore, get ready for bed (without a fight), or whatever else may earn them a rock, let them add a rock to the bottle.
  4. Once they fill the bottle up, they can choose something special from the prize box :)

“Watch-Me-Grow” Flower Jar

  1. Wash out your empty jar of Wellements. 
  2. Fill the jar a little more than halfway with potting soil. 
  3. Add seeds of your choice to the jar.
  4. Top it off with another small layer of potting soil to cover the seeds.
  5. Use your Wellements syringe to water your seeds. 
  6. Sit on a sunny window ledge and watch it grow!

Other fun activities? 

Go on a Flower Walk 

Skip the flower shop and take a family walk around your neighborhood. Let your kids pick flowers to keep in an empty Wellements bottle filled with fresh water. 

Create a Memory Capsule

With everything going on, it’s important to reflect on the time at home together. Create a memory bottle with an empty Wellements capsule: ask your kids what their favorite thing was that day, write it on a piece of paper with the day and date, and place it in the bottle. It will be fun to look back to see what your child remembers about this stay-at-home time in 2020. 

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Have your kids go around the house and find items they can fit in an empty Wellements bottle. See who can find the most in a certain amount of time. Use themes to switch it up, like…. everything you collect must be red, everything you collect must start with the letter “P”, everything you collect must be found in the living room, etc. Then go through their finds together!

Any other fun ideas that we’re missing? Try these ideas out at home and share with us! Tag us @Wellements on Instagram.