The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Organic

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Organic

Something I learned even before having my son, George, was that every parent has to find their own style when it comes to raising their kids. From teaching them morals all the way down to the food you provide, every parent chooses differently. And one of the things I also knew from the get-go was that the products we’d use and the food we’d provide would be organic. Call me a Los Angeles mom, but it’s seriously important to me!

But what does it even mean for for food and products to be produced “organically”? And why does it matter? Let me explain.

For something to be organic, it has to be grown using natural fertilizers like compost or manure instead of chemical fertilizers. Weeds and pests are also controlled naturally instead of with chemical herbicides and pesticides. When you consume organic products, you eliminate the chance of consuming harmful chemicals that were used to grow the ingredients.

Now that you know the general difference between organic and non-organic, here are five specific reasons why we choose organic, especially when it comes to baby products.

To avoid chemicals

As I mentioned, traditionally farmed produce is sprayed with all kinds of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to help keep it safe from bugs and other external factors. Although the intent is to grow the best produce possible, the exposure to these chemicals can be harmful – especially for babies!

The body of a baby or child is still developing, so ingredients loaded with chemicals can affect growth and development. Plus, it’s harder for babies and children to eliminate toxins from their bodies because of thier high water content, which is why I prefer using the cleanest products possible.


The importance of organic baby food and products has really come to light in recent years. When “organic” first became popular, it was easy to find organic fruits and vegetables in your local grocery. However, organic products were hard to come by. Now, more and more companies are focused on producing high quality, organic products. However, in the baby department, it can still be difficult to find organic products. That’s where we come into play! We’re dedicated to providing products for your little ones that are certified organic and made with clean, simple ingredients.


There are many anecdotal stories out there about how organic food simply tastes better than non-organic. I think this is totally true! They say the difference is especially notable when you go from always eating organic food and then switch to traditional. I believe that babies and kids notice these kinds of things. This makes me want to provide the best tasting food I can for them. We all know the veggie game can be hard for kids, so might as well make it taste as yummy as possible.

Nutrient density

Non-organic food options can contain more salt or sugar to enhance flavor or act as a preservative, which already knocks them down a notch in my book as far as nutrients go. When it comes to organic, because the plants don’t rely on pesticides to keep them healthy, they actually build up their own immune system so to speak.

Essentially, to keep themselves healthy, their production of phytochemicals (antioxidants and vitamins) is boosted. This strengthens their ability to fight off bugs, weeds, and other external forces. Ultimately, this means the organic food and ingredients my baby consumes is more nutrient-dense, and what mom doesn’t love that? This is especially great to keep in mind when looking for vitamin supplements for your baby!

Environmental benefits

Something else to note on this topic is how organic farming affects the environment. This may not directly affect the growth and health of babies, but I do want to teach my son to respect and love Mother Nature, which means making choices that positively impact her.

There are so many benefits to organic baby food and products, I honestly can’t imagine doing it any other way! If you want to learn more about organic products for your kiddos, keep an eye on The Well. We’ll keep you in the know!

Also, if you’re worried about your budgets when it comes to shopping organic, I get it. Lots of local markets or grocery stores will discount organic items on their last sale date. Try going to the store more often so you can score these great deals. Speaking for ourselves, we feel so strongly about the fact that an organic lifestyle should be attainable by everyone. That’s why we’ve made sure our products are priced in-line with our non-organic competitors. This ensures everyone has access to clean, organic supplements and remedies for their little ones!

Have you recently made the switch to all organic? Tell us why in the comments below!