Our Survival Guide to Traveling with a Little One

Our Survival Guide to Traveling with a Little One

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out, your life has probably taken a new turn with your little one. Now, even trips across town can seem like a different experience. And when it comes to traveling with a baby, you can often find tons of general travel articles. But they frequently lack one of the most important factors for your parenting lifestyle… how to take a trip with your infant!

And as a parent, you don’t just want a few basics; you want real tips, expert advice you can use. In fact, you could even call it a survival guide for traveling with a baby, during a trip of any size. Of course, your friends at Wellements have been there, done that, and we want to bring you the very best to make your next trip extraordinary. With this survival guide, you’ll spend less time on the challenges and more time enjoying the precious moments with your child.

Preparing for your trip

When possible, choose familiar destinations

When you’re traveling with a baby, familiarity can be your biggest friend. By visiting locations you’ve been to before, you’ll spend less time staring at a map. Or wondering where a bathroom is.

Start with day trips before big trips

Flying halfway across the world sounds spectacular. And people with children do it every day. But when you begin with day trips, you’re building up your travel skills with your child.

Stick to your schedule before you leave

Leading up to your departure, you might be tempted to break from your baby’s normal schedule. But don’t, if you can help it! Knowing the times your little one will eat and sleep will let you juggle whatever comes up.

Make a safety & wellness checklist for peace of mind

This way, you won’t have to wonder if you packed Wellements Organic Gripe Water or worry if you have your pediatrician’s number on-hand!

Hitting the road

Keep calm and stay flexible

Whether by plane or car, once your trip begins, you’ll want to be ready to adapt to any situation. Knowing this can keep you focused on being patient while making the most of whatever comes your way.

Break out the snacks, lots of snacks!

Small, time-consuming, and non-messy snacks can do a world of wonder for a fussy baby. And your sanity. Excellent examples might include organic puffs or small pieces of cut-up fruit.

Bring along a soft travel cooler

On that note, we also recommend investing in a travel-sized, soft cooler. These are awesome for keeping bottles cold and carting around those snacks.

Brace yourself for crying

As a parent, you probably know all about this one. But when traveling with a baby, it’s especially important to remember that your baby is… well, a baby. And that’s okay!

Use different types of toys to entertain them

Even though your baby might not be able to ask, “are we’re there yet?” they too can still get bored during travel. By bringing a few toys instead of just one – you’ll keep them smiling and having fun.

Arrival time when traveling with a baby

Take note of your surroundings

Although you can research an area beforehand, nothing compares to observing what’s around when you arrive. Knowing a pharmacy is only 2 minutes away or a local restaurant is next door can make a huge difference.

Take a moment to decompress in the hotel

You made it! When you arrive at your lodgings, take a break. If you have a partner with you when traveling with a baby, this is the time to give each other a moment. You can take a walk or simply lay out on the bed – you’d be surprised how much it helps.

Remember to stay flexible!

Now that you’ve arrived, it can be easy to forget the flexibility part. But it pays to remind yourself. Maybe the hotel doesn’t have a crib they promised. Or maybe there’s a little too much noise. By focusing on what you can live with, you’ll conserve your energy and make the best of it.

Take as many photos as possible

This one might seem so simple, but it’s one you won’t regret when you’re traveling with your baby. Every trip is a new, incredible experience for them. And capturing that on film can bring you much happiness in the years to come. Pics or it didn’t happen!

But we want to hear from you, what’s your biggest tip to parents traveling with a baby? Tell us in the comments below!